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True Value International


True Value International

Drain Augers


A Quality Product from
True Value International [View Profile]
Delhi - India

Description :
Drain augers are commonly used to unclog toilet bowls. Since these fixtures have a built-in reversing action or a U-shaped trap, sometimes a great amount of pressure must be exerted to the end of the snake to force it up and over the drainpipe opening. For these types of stoppages, an auger at least 6' to 8' in length must be used. It will have to be forced vigorously back and forth after an obstruction is felt to break up the blockage and it can be flushed away with water.::

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True Value International

Manufacturer and exporter of paper plates, paper glasses and paper napkins. All our paper plate and napkins are eco-friendly, handcrafted, acid free paper products. With the excellent craftsmanship, we thrive to give you the very best.

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